Dolls By Night

Freitag, 10/11/2017

w/ Argentinas Babygirl (Milan) & Lehvi

Don’t just doll around w/ us this friday but dance through the night with the best hip hop vibes & sound selection in town! This time we are bring back our Dolls again!

Argentinas Babygirl straight from Milan will play with Lehvi to bring you the smoothes hip hop sound this day! Listen to her mixtape right now:http://bit.ly/2xLrDmj

Argentinas Babygirl (Milano, Italy)
Lehvi (Munich, Hometown)

Bring your Barbie & Ken friends with you and dance to the future sound & hip hop tunes in a perfect barbie world! Enjoy plastic specials and show us what a doll can become at nights like this!

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Doors open: 11pm

Reservations are highly recommended! Please write an e-mail to reservierung@p1-club.de and our guest relation team will be happy to assist you w/ any request.
For more information visit www.p1-club.de/reservierung.